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The Housewares Awards Winners 2006

Retail Employee of the Year
Sponsored by Brabantia (UK)
Winner 2006
Sandra Coo

CHA Retailer of the Year
Sponsored by Le Creuset
Winner 2006
Marchants Cookware Emporium

Best Department Store
Sponsored by GW International
Winner 2006
Bentalls, Kingston Upon Thames

Excellence in Multiple Retailing
Sponsored by Meyer Group
Winner 2006
Steamer Trading

Excellence in Retailer Initiative
Sponsored by Typhoon
Winner 2006
Whisk Cooking Solutions for Getting Kids Cooking

Excellence in Retail Display - Independent
Sponsored by Imperial/Wesco/Soehnle
Winner 2006
Abraxas Cookshop

Excellence in Retail Display - Multiple or Department Store
Sponsored by Tefal
Winner 2006
Selfridges, Oxford Street for Cornucopia

Best Newcomer or New Branch
Sponsored by William Levene
Winner 2006
Whisk Cooking Solutions, Chiswick & Ealing

Cutting Edge Award
Sponsored by Autumn Fair, Birmingham
Winner 2006
Kyocera Black Ceramic Knives – Thomas Plant

The Plugged-In Award
Sponsored by Progressive Housewares
Winner 2006
Griddle & Grill - Cuisinart

Top Tool or Gadget Award
Sponsored by Exclusively Housewares
Winner 2006
Banana Guard - Eddingtons

Excellence in Cookware
Sponsored by The Direct Company
Winner 2006
Emile Henry Flame Ceramic Cookware – Chomette Dornberger

Excellence in Homewares
Sponsored by International Housewares Association
Winner 2006
CD Wall Scales 1200 – Salter

Top of the Table Award
Sponsored by Spring Fair Birmingham
Winner 2006
Crazy Daisy Tableware - Portmeirion

Best Service Award
Sponsored by BHHMA
Gold Award 2006

Best Service Award
Sponsored by BHHMA
Silver Award 2006
Thomas Plant

Best Service Award
Sponsored by BHHMA
Bronze Award 2006

Icon Award
Sponsored by Salter Housewares
Winner 2006
Le Creuset Cocotte

Best Designer or Design Team
Winner 2006
Joseph Joseph Design Team

Honorary Achievement Award
Sponsored by Addis Housewares
Winner 2006
Jonathan Swift

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